Press release – October 26, 2015

For more information contact:
Bernard Ment, Publicity Chairman
(315) 278-8927

On November 3rd, voters in Onondaga County will face a pivotal choice – vote for incumbent Joanie Mahoney for a third term or support challenger Toby Shelley for a fresh start moving forward.

Mahoney makes audacious claims that the county is better off as a result of her leadership. The Conservative Party would like to point out a few fallacies in her logic.

She claims that the county is leaner with the abolition of over a thousand jobs in the county work force, however a number of departments are now woefully short staffed, a situation that has been borne out over the last several years. The major brunt of the reduction came from the sale of Van Duyn nursing home, a move that was, frankly, long overdue.

She has the nerve to claim that the new sales tax sharing agreement has been beneficial to taxpayers all over the county. Numerous towns, though, were forced to raise taxes to recover the revenue that she took from them to give to property owners in the city where sales tax generation is practically non-existent due to the stunning lack of retail within the city limits.

She spent $50 million of state money on an amphitheater that she claims will make money over the coming years. Given the short twenty week summer season, we suspect the amphitheater will barely make enough money to pay the groundskeepers and maintenance people to keep the amphitheater functional during the weeks that it is open.

And we must point out that spending a half million dollars to build a dog kennel that will house fourteen dogs isn’t just obnoxious. It’s also fiscally irresponsible.

By the way, if Mahoney IS re-elected, we suspect that she will continue her push forward to spend $10 million to acquire and renovate the old Carnegie Library building into her personal Versailles. We would ask simply, “Why?” So she doesn’t have to ride the elevators with welfare recipients and county employees, we suspect.

Also, if she’s re-elected in a landslide, we are concerned that the county legislature might seriously revisit the consideration of granting her a $40,000 pay raise, one we feel she hasn’t earned.

Mahoney, in interviews, has claimed that she would never seek the Conservative Party’s support because of “disturbing platform policies”. She claims that we and our candidate Toby Shelley both support racial profiling.

Our platform makes absolutely no references to “racial profiling”, however, but we do support “any tools available to assist law enforcement to reduce and curtail crime”. These tools include the use of POLICE profiling.

If you are on vacation out of state and a police officer on patrol sees a man rummaging around in your rose bushes, would you want the officer to stop them and ask them what they’re doing? After all, they may just be looking for a stray cat, but they may also be looking for your unattended electronics.

We should also note that the Conservative Party takes strong pride in properly vetting candidates prior to rendering our endorsement. We look for candidates who support transparency and who have the ethics and integrity to do the job that we the people elect them to do. This includes being fiscally and morally Conservative in the performance of their responsibilities.

We have interviewed Ms. Mahoney in the past and we didn’t support her then. It is doubtful that we would consider offering her an endorsement in the future either for the above noted reasons.

One final note: The Conservative Party strongly supports term limits for all elected officials and if they refuse to impose them on themselves, it is up to the people to impose one on overreaching politicians seeking to extend their own omnipotence.

On November 3rd, it’s time to impose a term limit and send Joanie Mahoney home.