The Onondaga County Conservative Party

May 30, 2017

Re: Candidate Endorsements

Contact: Bernie Ment, Secretary

(315) 278-8927

For Immediate Release


The Conservative Party of Onondaga County met on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the DeWitt Town Hall to endorse candidates running for County seats.

Loretta Kilpatrick earned the committee’s designation for Surrogate’s Court judge, while Michele Pirro-Bailey got the nod in her re-election bid for Family Court Justice.

For the County Legislature, the committee endorsed incumbents Brian May for the First District, Danny Liedka for the seventh district, Kevin Holmquist in the tenth district and Casey Jordan in the fourteenth district.

The committee also selected Debra Cody, recently appointed to the fifth district seat after the resignation of Kathy Rapp, to run for that position.  Additionally, John McBride was selected to run for the vacant eleventh district seat since incumbent Pat Kilmartin has chosen to run for a justice seat in the Town of Onondaga.

The committee previously endorsed Jim Rowley in the second district, Mike Becallo in the third district, Mike Plochocki in the sixth district and Ken Bush Jr. in the thirteenth district.

Several incumbent legislators chose not to seek endorsement by the Conservative party and a few who did interview were rejected primarily based on their decision to vote for a pay raise for themselves and County Executive Joanie Mahoney.

The Executive Committee of the Onondaga County Conservative Party consists of 25 elected leaders including the Town and City Chairs along with six elected at large positions. The party currently has about 4800 members in Onondaga County and appears on line C on the election ballot immediately after the Democrat and Republican Parties.  The Conservative Party is often the deciding vote for many elected offices throughout the state.

Please contact County Chairman John Mulhall for additional information. He can be reached at (315) 663-5154.

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